Monday, 28 March 2011

High Performance Centre-Sketch plans

Bio-kinetics-speaks of movements of or within organisms , an ever moving and evolving , constantly changing in form and speed and creating kinetic energy which is generated by movement.


The form i chose for this design is called FLUID FORM ,which encourages movement and increases circulation in and around elements.  FLUID FORM  relates to kinetic energy which is generated by consistent movement and intern flows past,over,under and through spaces.It can change in direction,shape form,it can be altered and manipulated in any way but still retain its fluidity and form.

All sketch plans are purely conceptual.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

My Display Stand for a Scooter- The Transformer----DKD Project 1>>>

The basic molecular structure of  "TheTransformer" scooter stand is made up entirely 85% of Structural  Aluminum and 15% other materials,the structure consists of FIVE different types of aluminum-Brushed Aluminum-Blue powder coated perforated aluminum panels-Polished Structural aluminum-Anodized aluminum mesh-High strength Brown anodized aluminum tubing. The design was inspired by the movie Transformers which speaks about the transformation from one form to another based entirely on the mechanical movements and rotation of mechanical gears and pre-programmed electric motors.

The scooter stand Blue powder coated perforated paneled wings rotate on a hydraulic mechanical moving motor located at the top of each wing to allow the extended wing to rotate in-ward to 90 degree angles.The floor is made up of High strength Brown anodized aluminum tubing which is hinged on a 80 diameter structural aluminum  hollow core tubing,which houses the hydraulic mechanical moving motor located within the tube..this allows for the mechanical floor to rotate in-ward at 90 degrees .Each floor is fitted with a circular mechanical moving floor with 6 steel protruding arms inside the floors core,this allows the floor to spin on its own axes and rotates the scooter a full 360 degrees for maximum visual continuity all round. When the roof and floor folds in its 3m in width and length allowing it to be hooked up to a trailer and the scooter stand can be transported to another location where it can be display the scooters and advertise a certain  scooter brand .  

  I am currently in the process of making a video of the mechanical moving roof and floor on 3dmax and will soon be uploaded to show you why this structure is called THE TRANSFORMER :)

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Futuristic Floating & Flood-Powered Public City Park Design

Everyone knows that it is incredibly difficult to generate power via traditional means within cities due not only to land value but also the potential pollution and other disruptive impacts

This Futuristic Floating & Flood-Powered Public

 City Harnesses energy from the floods,

generating natural energy from the very waves it rides upon.

It provides additional open green public spaces for pedestrians out on the water

Turbines that turn out to be the very housing of the interior portions of this park rotate silently around people as they pass through.

The idea was based on the physical requirements of the power-harvesting turbines.
In theory, the aesthetic is motivated 
largely by the ECO-needs of sustainable design.